Embrace the untouched sanctuary of Royal Belum Article cover photo
20 October 2017

Embrace the untouched sanctuary of Royal Belum

Royal Belum is a state park in the Northern region of Perak, part of the forest reserve area consists of the artificial lake of Temenggor, the second largest lake in Peninsula Malaysia

Belum Temenggor is estimated to be 130 million years, making it one of the world’s oldest rainforests. An ecosystem older than both the Amazon and the Congo, the land contains anuntouchedhabitat rich in rare, undiscovered flora and fauna. Jungle trekking into the vast forest of Belum Temenggor,you will catcha glimpse of Rafflesia Azlanjior known locally as Bunga Pakma, observe the pungent eagle wood (gaharu), hug trees more than100 years-old and have a chance to spot wildlife at salt lick area, Jenut Papan along the trail. Come face to face with the native Orang Asli & swim with the fishes in the cascading waterfalls for some thrilling experiences.

Ever wondered what it is like to sleep on a boathouse in the middle of a large lake encompassed by 130 million years-old rainforests in South East Asia?

The boathouse is fully equipped with facilities and trained crews, solely for you and your group. The standard boat has comfortable cabins and can accommodate up to 16 persons making it ideal for your family or group of friends. During the excursion, you will participate in different activities, such as trekking, visiting natives, fishing around the island (strictly catch and release), kayaking, BBQ under the stars and karaoke. On some occasion, you may even spot tigers bathing at dawn or hear gibbon calls.

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What an incredible event spending two-nights onboard a boathouse amidst a large lake surrounded by130 million rainforests

Admiring the reflections of clear blue sky & lake in Royal Belum

The boat will dock after sundown and you will spend one night sleeping in the middle of Temenggor lake, surrounded entirely by the untouched forest and a starry sky. Just imagine waking up to the sounds of the rainforest and listening to the noises emitted by insects as you find peace amidst the serenity of nature. What a wonderful world! The diverse elements come together to give you a sense of wonder and a deeper appreciation for mother nature. This is an absolutely remarkable experience you shouldn’t miss!

Three-days two-nights Royal Belum Houseboat Package RM2,500 (RM160 per pax)

During the recent media familiarisation trip to Perak, we put up in a houseboat in Royal Belum for three-days two-nights to explore the untouched nature in Royal Belum State Park as part of ‘Dekat-Je’ & ‘Visit Perak Year 2017’ initiative, targeted for domestic and international travellers. The participants will travel all the way from the jetty near Banding Island to the upper course of Temenggor lake and back track on a boathouse.

After breakfast, we were transferred by speedboat and it started to rain. We carried on our journey and speed-boated under the heavy downpour for 15 minutes. What an adrenaline rush! We were wet yet we felt refreshed after the morning shower.Thankfully the rain stopped before arriving the drop point of Jenut Papan.
(Trekking time to Jenut Papan: 25 minutes from drop point; Trekking condition: Easy)

Wild animal salt licks, a natural mineral deposit where animals living in nutrient poor ecosystems can obtain the essential minerals and nutrients to survive. Some may consider it as the pharmacy for animals to get dose of supplements.The nature guide will point out the sights and sounds of the eagle wood (gaharu) trees, wild mushrooms and insectsalong the jungle trail.

Wild mushrooms flourishing on a giant tree

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Postcard shot of beautiful yellow butterflies

The aroma of eagle wood extensively use in well-being healing therapy

After lunch, we start transfer by speedboat to explore the nature of Belum Rainforest and jungle trek to Rafflesia point (Trekking Time: 15 minutes from drop point; Trekking condition: medium)

The Rafflesia is the world’s largest, heaviest, rarest flower,it has no stems, leaves or true roots. The rare flower producestinky smell todraw attention of insects such as flies, which transport pollen from male to female flowers.There are three Rafflesia species in the Royal Belum forest, Rafflesia Kerri, RafflesiaCantleyi and RafflesiaAzlanii, Itcan grow up to 1 metre wide and weighs about 10 kg. If you are lucky, you will get to see Rafflesias in full bloom.This is a perfect photo-op for nature lover and photography fanatic.

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­The world’s largest flower in full bloom

The houseboat will stop and park at the entrance of Sungai Tiang. Dip into the lake or explore bamboo rafting or kayaking in the cooling.

Dinner will be served on the houseboat.

Later into the night, enjoy the stories of Royal Belum by your nature guide followed by free and easy leisure indoor activity (darts, mah-jong, chess, carom).


After breakfast, we were transferred by speedboat and jungle trekked to Ko’oi waterfall. (Trekking time to Ko’oi waterfall: 30 minutes from drop point; Trekking condition: medium)

Discover the big tree of rainforests and spot for lantern bugs. Ko’oi waterfall is among the tallest waterfalls in Royal Belum. This waterfall is known for its water that shower down, rather than cascade, from a height of fifty metres. Luckily, there were no leeches to welcome us but trekking under a hot sun is such a thrill. How I wished I could jump into the water due to the heat. However, swimming is prohibited in this area as it is known to be dangerous.

100 years-old giant tree in the rainforests

Spot & snap the lantern bug along the Jungle trail

Magnificent Ko’oi Waterfall

After lunch on the houseboat, we were transferred by speedboat to a tribal village of Orang Asli (natives) at Kampung Aman Damai. Before going there, I recommend you bring along some books, chocolates or toys for the children to brighten up their day.

Arriving Tribal village of Orang Asli

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Happy smiling faces of Orang Asli children

Welcome to the Kampong AmanDamai village

Kampung Aman Damai, the tribal village of the Orang Asli (natives) is a place for visitors to enjoy native activities such as blow-piping, dart making and learning the tribal dance known as ‘sewang’. The charming tribe in Royal Belum called the Jahai who live their traditional way in bamboo huts,hunting small mammals using blowpipes, fishing and gathering plants and honey from the forest.The native people are scattered in three villages in the forest but Kampung Aman Damai is popular as a living culture settlement.

BBQ dinner will be served on the houseboat. Enjoy the night with stargazing, catching fireflies, night trekking or karaoke activities.

After breakfast, we were transferred to Sungai Ruok by houseboat. The last pit stop in Royal Belum is the Sungai Ruok Fish Sanctuary. (Trekking time: 10-15 minutes from drop point; Trekking condition: Easy)

Sungai Ruok is one of the most visited places in Belum Forest Reserve. It is a famous spot known for it’s beautiful waterfall as well as a Kelah fish sanctuary. Unlike the Sungai Kooi waterfall, swimming is allowed here. Picnickers at the waterfall will have an opportunity to feed the fish and swim in the cascading waterfalls. We brought along some fruits and finger food for a picnic. If you do likewise, please do not litter.

The pristine waterfall of Sg Ruok in Royal Belum rainforest

Lunch will be served on the houseboat.After lunch, transfer back to Pulau Banding’s public jetty. Bye Bye Royal Belum.


Royal Belum or the upper Belum area requires a permit from the Perak State Park Corporation to enter. This is to ensure the rainforest reserve is conserved for research purposes.The package is inclusive of the State Park entrance permit, a certified nature guide, houseboat accommodation and food (breakfast, lunch, tea break & dinner).

You don’t really need to spend a fortune to experience the majesty of Royal Belum and escape the hustle bustle of city life. Find out more at www.royalbelum.my.