PATHS LESS TRAVERSED: IRAN Article cover photo
02 January 2020


A brief photographic guide to Tehran - the capital city of Western Asia's largest country

To say Tehran is a busy city is an understatement, it bustles with cars, motorcycles, and crowds everyday. However, Iran is not a what you call a typical tourist destination, but only those who visit would get to reap the benefits. Personally for me, it was a very eye-opening, intimate experience that really showed me what Iran is about, and it's important because the country doesn't get a very good reputation in the media.

Tehran's busy streets can be overwhelming and scary, which also personifies a general opinion many people hold regarding Iran.

One of Tehran's popular tourist attractions is Golestan Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the city's oldest historical monuments. The conglomerate of buildings on the site used to be of royal status during the time of the Persian Empire. It's a good place to learn about all the different dynasties that ruled over Persia.

An example of Persian motifs and artwork.

Azadi Tower is another landmark of Tehran. It houses a museum in the basement and an observation deck above.

A view of the Tehran cityscape against the backdrop of the surrounding mountains, as taken from Tabiat Bridge - a pedestrian recreational area.

Tehranians out and about in observance of the holy religious holiday Tasu'a, which is one of the biggest days in the Shia Islam calendar. Even as a foreigner, I was treated to free food and drinks on the streets by strangers.

Drummers performing during a small parade for Tasu'a.