Starbucks Invites Customers to Experience Coffee in New Ways  Article cover photo
14 March 2017

Starbucks Invites Customers to Experience Coffee in New Ways

Beverage layer Starbucks signature roasty espresso with perfectly balanced, modern flavours such as coconut water and Tahitian Vanilla. Starbucks baristas are handcrafting layered versions of espresso classics for a limited time starting from March to 17 April, while supplies last.

Starbucks baristas are crafting beverages beverages that invite customers to experience coffee in completely new ways that provides a unique experience. Modern flavors and ingredients pair perfectly with Starbucks signature roasty espresso in three new beverages. Reflecting spring’s seasonal variation, the selection features both hot and cold offerings that range from lighter refreshment (Starbucks® Coconut Water Espresso Shakerato – served cold, shaken) to sweeter indulgence (Starbucks® Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato – served hot or cold). Inspired by pairings of the roasty Starbucks signature espresso with unique flavors and ingredients which complement coffee, the beverages are artfully brought together in unique combinations by Starbucks baristas.

Starbucks® Coconut Water Espresso Shakerato

Starbucks signature espresso is shaken with ice and poured over chilled coconut water that has been lightly sweetened with coconut syrup, then topped with espresso foam and a slice of lime. A thirst quenching twist on an espresso classic! Available iced.

Starbucks® Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino

Decandent Valencia orange mocha sauce is topped with steamed milk, espresso shots and vevelty foam. Dried orange and cocoa powder sprinkles finish this perfect combination of citrus-sweet orange and roasty espresso. Available hot, iced and blended.

Starbucks® Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato

Velvety steamed milk is infused with aromatic and caramelly sweet Tahitian vanilla syrup then topped with Starbucks signature espresso and finished with vanilla bean specks and vanilla drizzle in our classic double crosshatch pattern. Available hot, iced and blended.

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