CASIO EX-ZR5000; The Ultimate Travel Selfie Camera Article cover photo
25 November 2016

CASIO EX-ZR5000; The Ultimate Travel Selfie Camera

‘Selfie’ was named Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries in 2013, heralding the frenzy of taking self-portraits ‘with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website’. It’s been 3 years and the selfie isn’t going away.

In fact, Casio is taking selfies to a whole new art form with the launch of the EX-ZR5000. This latest addition to the EXILIM family of digital cameras is poised to set itself apart as the ‘Ultimate Selfie Camera’ in a crowded market of smartphones and digital cameras.

"Wide-angle night shot!"


The problem with selfies and wefies is that we seldom capture anything more than a couple of faces, unless you own one of those cumbersome selfie sticks. Casio’s 19-95mm lens is in the league of super wide-angle lenses, one of the widest in the market for point and shoots and our favourite feature of this camera. This means capturing more expansive landscapes and with selfies, taking some of that narcissistic edge off and increasing creative possibilities.


The EX-ZR5000 reduces the need for photo apps to beautify or create effects. There are 30 cool pre-programmed options in the BEST SHOT mode, from the High Speed Night Shot function for shooting in low-light conditions, to the Blurred Background mode that faux-bokeh-blurs the background to highlight the subject. For those long dogged days, check out Casio’s famed Make-Up mode for a flawless, yet natural look with 12 levels of adjustability for both skin tone and skin smoothness. Choose up to 5 dedicated artistic effects to convey an intended mood – Elegant, Foggy, Fairy, Nostalgic and Vivid. If you’re lacking creative inspiration, switch to the ‘ART SHOT’ mode which boasts more than 10 artistic filters like HDR Art which make photos looks like a painting, or Sparkling Shot which emphasizes sparkles for a fantastical effect.

"Blurred background" mode

If you can’t decide, take a shot with Art Shot Bracketing and get 5 photos with different artistic effects. You can even record movies in most Art Shot modes. With other fun features like the Time Lapse mode that compresses a sequence of high definition photos into a short movie, you’ll never run out of ideas for that next photographic travel journal entry.


Selfie or not, the EX-ZR5000 captures great shots. Designed with a 1/1.7-inch backilluminated CMOS image sensor that has a large surface to receive more light, the camera is impressive at night shoots and with quickmoving subjects. If you are adverse to the wide array of pre-programmed modes and prefer more control, the EX-ZR5000 offers basic manual options; Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Exposure. With the super-wide-angle 5x optical zoom lens, coupled with the triple shot and high-speed burst shooting technology, the EX-ZR5000 might just tempt you to leave that bulky DSLR at home.


The camera features a 3-inch Tilt-Type LCD Screen that flips up 180 degrees so you can check the composition of your selfie with ease. In addition to the usual shutter button, you can also activate the shutter by simply waving a hand in the Motion Shutter feature, or you might use the alternate Front Shutter button for shots like vertical selfies. Together with the Anti-Shake 5-axis image stabiliser technology, catching the perfect shot will be that much easier.

Sharing images on social media is also simplified with the EXILIM Auto Transfer technology. Send photos and videos wirelessly to your smartphone. It is said that photography has little to do with the things you see, but everything to do with the way you see them. Even if you don’t love the multitude of modes jam-packed into the EX-ZR5000, its creative options might just inspire you to see the world in a whole new way.

Plus, it’s fun.

Casio EX-ZR5000 Product Specifications

Effective Pixels : 12.1 megapixels

Image Sensor : 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor

Lens : 19mm wide-angle lens / F2.7 (w) ~ F6.4 (T)

Zoom Ratio : 5x optical zoom, 10x Multi-SR zoom, 4x digital zoom

Shooting Speed : Up to 30 frames/secDimensions : 108.3mm x 61.5mm x 37.7mm

Weight : 249g (including battery & memory card)

Monitor : 3.0-inch TFT colour LCD

Battery Life : 430 shots, 2hr25mins (continuous movie recording time)

* The sleek EX-ZR5000 camera comes in white, pink, and green models, as well as in black with a limited production. RRP S$629 (white, pink and green) and S$699.00 (black).