21 February 2019


Taiwan has been designated as "Asia Favourite Destination" for the 47th edition of MATTA fair, making it the fourth time the East Asian state has received this title.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau will be conveying the beauty, food and hospitality of the East Asian state to the Malaysian people at the event to be held at the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) from 15-17 March, 2019.

Taiwan Small Town Ramble

This year, Taiwan tourism is being promoted under the theme of "Taiwan Small Town Ramble," focusing on its rich and diverse cultural history, landscapes, recreational resources, and specialties. The tourism bureau has specifically picked 40 towns that fulfil the theme to be introduced to international travellers, all will be revealed on 15 March.

Promoting A Muslim Friendly Environment

Ranking fifth in the last Global Muslim Travel Index calculated by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC,) Taiwan is revelling in its new-found image as a Muslim-friendly destination. Major transportation hubs and 13 scenic spots have been well-equipped with Muslim-friendly facilities. Meanwhile, more than 176 restaurants and hotels have obtained the relevant certifications to adequately serve Muslim patrons. Assuming most visitors will have a smartphone or a gadget with them, apps like Tour Taiwan and Halal-TW will also help make life comfortable for Muslim tourists.

In a show of dedication to halal travel in Taiwan, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will set up a special Muslim zone at the Taiwan Pavilion during the fair. Halal industrial players and representatives from the Chinese Muslim Association will be there to clarify the efforts made by Taiwan officials to accommodate visitors of the Islamic faith. As the icing on the cake, Mira Filzah will be in attendance during the afternoon of 16 March to promote her upcoming fan meeting in Taiwan in April! Lucky fans stand a chance to win a complimentary trip to Taiwan and attend the fan meeting.

Prizes and Activities Galore

Various activities and giveaways will also be held at the Taiwan pavilion, including a performance from the FOCA Formosa Circus Art Acrobats, and DIY chopsticks lessons. For the foodies, the most popular dessert shop in Taiwan; Ice Monster, will be there to tickle your taste buds with their mango shaved ice and pearl milk tea shaved ice! If that isn't enough, visitors who purchase any of the Taiwan travel products on sale can redeem exquisite gifts.

The Taiwan pavilion will be located at 1413-1432, Hall 1, PWTC, patiently awaiting any questions you may have. Be on the look out for the large Gashapon machine, ready for anyone to try their luck and claim one of many prizes!